Tried and true free patterns

So we all love free stuff right?!? Well of course we do! That’s just human nature. That being said (since I don’t have any written patterns made yet for my own designs) I figured I would start a little segment of my blog that features free patterns that I have found and used on the internet (giving full credit to the designer and original website of course). We all find patterns that we love but if you are anything like me you sometimes wonder if the pattern actually works, I have found at least 8 now that I have tried and found that they just are not workable as written, whether it be something missing, added or just not spelled out plainly. This of course is the hardest part of writing out a pattern for any designer, hence the reason for pattern testers 🙂 More on that later….

Anyways here is one of my favorite patterns for a cute childs hat

Here is my version (I have created several now)

The hats are super easy to work up, take very little yarn and the pattern is very well written and easy to follow even if you have never done a fpdc (front post double crochet) stitch before 🙂

Here is another wonderful pattern I found a few months back, this is actually the first shawl that I have ever made

Here is my version (turned out more mustardy than I personally care for, but still love it)

I have many more patterns that I have used and enjoyed thoroughly but do not have the links to connect them to right now so I will refrain until I can give full credit to them before posting 🙂

Question for your all – What free patterns have you tried recently?


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