Boobie beanie

So I have jumped on the bandwagon with this lovely little item. I broke down the other day and bought the pattern and created my own last night. They are so cute and make everyone laugh. Dual purpose items are always a nice thing especially if they serve a valid purpose for mother’s (I tend to be a little partial to mom’s) These beanies were originally intended to curtail the sometimes offense remarks that breastfeeding mom’s get from other people when breastfeeding in public. The maker of this ingenius pattern has done a wonderful job of incorporating humor with functionality 🙂

Here is my version that I made last night

And of course there is the gag gift side of this item as well. This pattern came with the directions to make it up to adult size (and trust me I have already had requests for them) I am thinking bachlorette, baby showers, halloween, all sorts of occassions this can be used for. I also think it would be a great way to promote breast cancer awareness in a humorous way. I have seen numerous people walking around with I love boobies squishy bracelets, belts, you name it on. Hmmm, maybe I should make a hat that says that on it, but that shall be a later project 🙂

For those of my fellow crocheters that may want to try this pattern (trust me it is so simple and easy) here is the ORIGINAL designer of the boobie beanie!/boobiebeanies I unfortunately went through a scam artist that had ripped off the pattern from this wonderful designer and I am kicking myself for not doing more research before buying the pattern. This is my little way of saying I’m sorry and hopefully bringing her just a little business to make up for the loss of mine (if that really even makes any sense lol) Go on over to her page and check out her items, they are wonderful!



2 thoughts on “Boobie beanie

  1. I am sorry to say that you are incorrect to credit Cara McCarthy Homer of Boobie Beanies as being the orginal designer of the Boob Beanie. The design was orginaly created by a Mama way back in October 2010. The Orginal design does allow people to make and sell Boob Beanies that have been made using her pattern but specifically asks that the pattern is not re-sold. Since the Pattern was created back in 2010 there have been many many people world wide making and selling these hats with the permission of designer with pictures posted across the internet over the past 2 years. It is lovely to see these hats available for sale on Facebook, but I have to say that is troubles me to learn that Cara has not clarified that she is not the orginal designer of the items that she is selling.

    • I appreciate you setting the record straight Kerry. Thank you. Unfortunately this is one of those things that it is hard to know who the original creator was. I evidently got misled twice on this one. My only consolation (if that really is the right term) is that the pattern that I bought is different than the one she posted, by a lot. It looks similar in the end, but is constructed differently. In the end I guess that doesn’t really matter when I was trying to give credit to the original :/ I do wish people would be honest when saying they actually designed something, it’s hard enough to get credit for your creations when there are so many people that will sell patterns and take credit for them when they actually had nothing to do with it.

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