Drowning in my stash

As I sit down at my computer this morning I am looking around at all of my started but not finished projects, my patterns that are scattered over every surface, my tiny balls of yarn that are leftovers and forgottens, and of course all of my brand spanking new skeins of yarn that are just begging to be brought out and used. I have several different places that I have stored all these lovely little tidbits, but so far I have not been able to find a manageable way to store them all where I can see them (I tend to forget I have a certain something if I can’t see it all the time) and to also make it to where my office (spare bedroom) does not look like someone set off a grenade within it. Not that I mind all the lovely colors popping out everywhere, I just need to organize this pile so I can figure out just exactly what I have and what project I want to start on next.

I tend to lean towards projects that call for one skein or less, lets be honest, I’m cheap and I have a very limited budget within to work all this magic! I love finding discounted and on sale yarns locally and usually there is only one or two skeins of each color, that or my pocketbook can only handle a hit of $10 or less therefore I am limited, but this also makes for some fantastic little pops of color on my wall (one of my storage areas are a couple of wonderful wooden cubbyhole shelves) but as I said earlier they are all just begging to be used! It always takes me a day or two after completing a project to make up my mind what I want to start on next 🙂

I am thinking that today though I may just have to bust out some of my organizing bins (see through of course) and organize this lovely mess to see just what I have available to work with, and then I am going to scour the internet for some inspiration on what my heart desires to create. I have been contemplating starting to make a different motif everyday, be it a granny square, african flower, spirals, you name it and hopefully by christmas have enough motifs to possibly put together a lovely blanket to send to my dear grandmother, sounds like a decent plan to me, plus this will help me to use up all my scrap/stash yarn that I have laying around everywhere, gotta love killing two birds with one stone.

And now dear friends I am off to play organizer, wish me luck!


3 thoughts on “Drowning in my stash

  1. I can relate to this! I think I’ve sort of solved how to store mine – all of my yarn stash is in a very big chest which doubles as a coffee table in our living room (just everybody move their coffee cup so I can rummage, thank you). I also store each work in progress (wip) in its own separate basket – the baskets look nice, and I just pick up whichever one I feel like doing and everything I need for that project is right there! =D

    • I should also mention that inside the chest, the yarn is sorted into separate clear bags according to colour (the bags have zips, and are upcycled packaging from sheet sets). I just ask everyone to save them for me! =D

      • Some very nice suggestions and ideas for storage. I use to store mine in an ottoman and then it started to overrun 🙂 Now I use a variety of different ways to store my yarns. I also had started using the basket idea for my WIP when I made the owl blanket, there were so many skeins and it was just becoming a total disaster with having to untangle every color, I just put them all pull side up in a wicker basket that was lugged around with me every place I went hehe. I started doing this for others as well.

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