This is the part where I tell you about myself and why I started this blog…ready? I am a lover of all things crochet, can’t honestly say I have tried all the techniques or made even a small sampling of what is available around the world yet, but I am sure trying! I love the excitement of starting a new project with my skein of yarn by my side and a favorite music station playing in the background.

I have recently decided that some of the designs I come across just arent’ exactly what I was looking for so I design my own patterns to suit my desires. I share and sell those patterns with other crochet lovers in hopes of financing even more wonderful creations. Let’s face the facts, yarn is expensive and doesn’t come cheap so we have to make our money somewhere right?!? Why not make it doing something that you enjoy? Sounds like a plan to me.

I am not in the habit of giving away patterns for free, but I also won’t overcharge for my patterns either. Every once in a while I will post a free pattern for my loyal followers in hopes that they can create their own beautiful handmade items. Once I begin to get an audience I will be asking for pattern testers on occassion because lets face it we all have our own shorthands, shortcuts and things that work for us, but may not necessarily be understandable to the next person šŸ™‚

Personal: I am a 30 something year old female, I live in Colorado. I have 3 beautiful rambunctious always on the go kids that love all things sports, dance and gymnastics. I also have a beautiful full bred St. Bernard beauty named Pebbles. As anyone knows with a St. Bernard the housework is never done to keep up with the hair, feeding, bathing and of course the slobber! I do my best to keep my house as clean as possible but honestly dogs are harder to clean up after than humans most of the time šŸ™‚


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