Strawberry Shortcake Hat

Hi all, so I have been getting into the swing of being back at work again. The last week has been rough let me tell ya! I am one of those unfortunate people that is always in pain no matter what steps I take to prevent it. I don’t like to take a lot of medicine so I usually just curl up next to my heating pad and nap after work, which translates to me sleeping for hours and not getting a whole lot of stuff done.

That being said I have gotten a few things done and have been working on a couple of things for customer orders (yes I still plan on crocheting and selling items even though I now work full time). I have a few things in the works right now, and 7 customer orders to fill soon. I have been working on a really cute childrens hat the last day or so at the request of a friend. It’s a modern twist on the Strawberry Shortcake hat of my generation. There are a few different patterns out there, but me being me, I just had to make my own version 🙂 You can find a similar version on etsy here

I have to state that I did not buy the pattern but took inspiration from hers, hence the link to go check it out. My version is below.

It is not complete, I am thinking of stitching on some small strawberries and also putting an upside down strawberry on the top, I haven’t decided just yet. Either way I think she will be happy with it.

I also have a number of WIP that I need to finish up sometime soon, they are starting to take over my desk, couch, rocking chair, side table…….lol yes they are everywhere and multiplying by the minute. I tried to make my Open Shell Cowl pattern using a clearance skein of Thick and Quick yarn I purchased a few weeks back and unfortunately ran out of yarn before it was big enough so I have decided to line it with some flannel I have in my goody bin and make it into a hook case, I am just trying to figure out if I need to hand sew the lining on or if I use a sewing machine? Any suggestions? I don’t want the thread seams to show on the front, that is why I am wondering which way to go with it.

I started making a stuffed dragon plush toy and have gotten the head, snout, body and one arm done, just need the other half of it to be finished, but that is for another day. My daughter informed me the other day that she needs a wardrobe for her build a bear workshop bear I got her a month or so ago, so I will be scouring the net for some free patterns to make those this weekend (evidently there is now a deadline attached to her demand lol). I tried free handing them and have failed miserably, I am not ashamed to admit. Evidently making miniature clothing is not my forte. If anyone knows of a resource for clothing that will fit a roughly 12″ bear I would be deeply grateful.

I also have a huge bag of miscellaneous fiber from the mill that I brang home that I need to figure out what to do with. I was thinking of using it for stuffing but then I look at it and think it’s such a shame to hide it (it’s all alpaca, llama and wool fibers) so I am now thinking of trying to maybe felt some of it??? This should be interesting as it will be a totally new thing for me. I also have another bag of scrap yarns from our spinners that I am wanting to make a random yarn out of and also wanting to weave some runners and placemats out of whatever is left. I need to find a weaving loom, or possibly have the boyfriend make me one. He is wonderful with wood. He also made me a crochet hook out of our pine tree branches a month ago that is absolutely wonderful to hold. I will be hitting him up shortly for a whole set 🙂

Well now that I have rambled on and on, this chic is heading for bed and dreamland, 6 a.m. comes mighty early. Here’s to hoping all of you in cyberspace have a wonderful fun filled evening.


Free Open Shell Cowl Pattern

As promised I have completed the Open Shell Cowl Pattern and put it up on Ravelry for a free download. Sorry I won’t be offering it on here, I just feel that it is easier to offer a free download than to try and copy it off of a site and retain all the details 🙂

I hope that you all enjoy the pattern and please leave me comments on what you though of it and if you share it please link it back to me so I get the credit for it. Much appreciated 🙂

I will also be putting the pattern up on Craftsy and possibly Etsy shortly and will update this post with those links as well, so you will have a variety of sites to choose from.

Ravelry download link :

Craftsy download link :

Carry along bag is now complete

Hello everyone, I had said in a previous post that I had been productive during my illness recently and here is the proof 🙂 Featured below is the Carry Along Project bag that I completed for myself, my current hobo bag I was using just wasn’t getting the job done, I needed more room! So here is my design and creation to suit my need. I created this huge bag (it measures over a 12″ tall by 13″ wide by 3.5″ depth) using 2 full skeins of Red Heart Standard Yarn in Cherry Chip, that includes all accents on the bag as well, I even have enough left over to make another flower if I wanted. I have not decided whether to offer this as a free pattern or a paid pattern yet. Leave me comments to let me know what you think.

I also completed another project over the last couple of days, this one I am calling my Open Shell Cowl with Tassles. Of course the tassles are optional as they are added as the final step but sometimes I like to dress up my creations with a little bit of whimsy 🙂 The cowl took less than one full skein of Lion Brand’s Homespun Yarn to complete with almost 2 full ounces left after completion (a one skein wonder with leftovers) This will be my free pattern that I will be debuting tomorrow. As I have stated before I appreciate all comments and ideas, please feel free to leave me a note about what you think. Have a wonderful night all and see you in the a.m. with a new pattern!


Boobie beanie

So I have jumped on the bandwagon with this lovely little item. I broke down the other day and bought the pattern and created my own last night. They are so cute and make everyone laugh. Dual purpose items are always a nice thing especially if they serve a valid purpose for mother’s (I tend to be a little partial to mom’s) These beanies were originally intended to curtail the sometimes offense remarks that breastfeeding mom’s get from other people when breastfeeding in public. The maker of this ingenius pattern has done a wonderful job of incorporating humor with functionality 🙂

Here is my version that I made last night

And of course there is the gag gift side of this item as well. This pattern came with the directions to make it up to adult size (and trust me I have already had requests for them) I am thinking bachlorette, baby showers, halloween, all sorts of occassions this can be used for. I also think it would be a great way to promote breast cancer awareness in a humorous way. I have seen numerous people walking around with I love boobies squishy bracelets, belts, you name it on. Hmmm, maybe I should make a hat that says that on it, but that shall be a later project 🙂

For those of my fellow crocheters that may want to try this pattern (trust me it is so simple and easy) here is the ORIGINAL designer of the boobie beanie!/boobiebeanies I unfortunately went through a scam artist that had ripped off the pattern from this wonderful designer and I am kicking myself for not doing more research before buying the pattern. This is my little way of saying I’m sorry and hopefully bringing her just a little business to make up for the loss of mine (if that really even makes any sense lol) Go on over to her page and check out her items, they are wonderful!


Truly inspired

I am always trolling through the great beyond (or internet as some people call it) looking for inspiration and ideas of what I would like to create next. For some reason while scrolling though on today I was suddenly hit with an inferiority complex after seeing all of the truly wonderful and fascinating ideas that others have come up with. Makes me wonder what I can possibly contribute to the art. But then I sit back and think to myself, hey if they can do it, so can I!

I think Craftsy is one of the best websites I have found recently for looking for inspiration. I will continue to troll and scroll and hopefully get hit with that inspiration bug that I seem to be lacking lately 🙂 Wish me luck

Tried and true free patterns

So we all love free stuff right?!? Well of course we do! That’s just human nature. That being said (since I don’t have any written patterns made yet for my own designs) I figured I would start a little segment of my blog that features free patterns that I have found and used on the internet (giving full credit to the designer and original website of course). We all find patterns that we love but if you are anything like me you sometimes wonder if the pattern actually works, I have found at least 8 now that I have tried and found that they just are not workable as written, whether it be something missing, added or just not spelled out plainly. This of course is the hardest part of writing out a pattern for any designer, hence the reason for pattern testers 🙂 More on that later….

Anyways here is one of my favorite patterns for a cute childs hat

Here is my version (I have created several now)

The hats are super easy to work up, take very little yarn and the pattern is very well written and easy to follow even if you have never done a fpdc (front post double crochet) stitch before 🙂

Here is another wonderful pattern I found a few months back, this is actually the first shawl that I have ever made

Here is my version (turned out more mustardy than I personally care for, but still love it)

I have many more patterns that I have used and enjoyed thoroughly but do not have the links to connect them to right now so I will refrain until I can give full credit to them before posting 🙂

Question for your all – What free patterns have you tried recently?