Carry along bag is now complete

Hello everyone, I had said in a previous post that I had been productive during my illness recently and here is the proof 🙂 Featured below is the Carry Along Project bag that I completed for myself, my current hobo bag I was using just wasn’t getting the job done, I needed more room! So here is my design and creation to suit my need. I created this huge bag (it measures over a 12″ tall by 13″ wide by 3.5″ depth) using 2 full skeins of Red Heart Standard Yarn in Cherry Chip, that includes all accents on the bag as well, I even have enough left over to make another flower if I wanted. I have not decided whether to offer this as a free pattern or a paid pattern yet. Leave me comments to let me know what you think.

I also completed another project over the last couple of days, this one I am calling my Open Shell Cowl with Tassles. Of course the tassles are optional as they are added as the final step but sometimes I like to dress up my creations with a little bit of whimsy 🙂 The cowl took less than one full skein of Lion Brand’s Homespun Yarn to complete with almost 2 full ounces left after completion (a one skein wonder with leftovers) This will be my free pattern that I will be debuting tomorrow. As I have stated before I appreciate all comments and ideas, please feel free to leave me a note about what you think. Have a wonderful night all and see you in the a.m. with a new pattern!



Bohemian Wristlet and Hat Pattern


This pattern is a very simple but complex looking design that would be suitable for intermediate beginners to create. There is a lot of texture and elegance in these that are not seen everywhere.

I absolutely love fingerless gloves and just felt that I had to create my own design to suit my personality (simple but elegant) for this upcoming fall and winter season 🙂

Red Heart Shimmer yarn was used for the picture, but I have also created this exact set in Caron Simply soft with beautiful results. Less than a skein is used for a complete set! How perfect is that!

The pattern is easily adjusted to fit any size but is written up to fit a Women’s size medium as it is written. Adjusting starting chains and row patterns is how simple it is to change up the size. These could easily be made in two or three different colors for a completely you look!

Girl’s Apron Pinafore Pattern is live

I have made my Girl’s Apron Pinafore pattern live finally. I have been meaning to do this one for a long time now since I designed the pattern a couple of months ago and have done an order for this one also 🙂

This pattern is  a simple beginner’s intermediate design. Using Caron One Pound yarn and a small amount of Red Heart Pink Camo to do the featured color scheme. In total the project takes about 25o yards to complete depending on how big or small you make it and if you add an extra layer of ruffles.

It takes me about 4 hours from start to finish to complete this cute little project. And trust me the little baker in your life will absolutely love it! Customize it, make it your own, and watch the smile appear on their face 🙂

Super cute, girly design for the baker in your life!

Yoda Crochet Hat Pattern is finally published!

I started out today by listing my first pattern on, yay, so exciting! This pattern was actually one my first ever personally designed crochet pattern that I have done.

I am speaking of course about my Yoda Crochet Hat. I was inspired by lack of money and total exasperation for the patterns that were currently out there to buy or even for free, lets face it sometimes patterns go wrong and just look horrendous when finished! I have perfected the pattern several times and find it super easy to follow now and it also includes tips on how to make it in several different sizes from infant to adult.

It takes a small amount of yarn (approximately 140 yards which is roughly half a skein or less for most yarns) All you really need is a hook, scissors, stitch markers, yarn needle and a tape measure and approximately 2 hours of your time! How easy is that? Check out the pattern on my ebay, craftsy and hopefully soon my etsy page. As I get the pattern published on each site I will include a link back to this post to help you find what you are looking for easily 🙂

Have a wonderful day!

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