Weekend Projects completed – Pumpkin Patch Munchin Hat

Good morning everyone! Normally I am not such a cheery person in the morning but I got some wonderful news yesterday and the euphoria is creeping over into today as well. I snagged a job at a local yarn mill that creates some luscious alpaca, llama, merino, angora, etc. yarns! It will dirty work but I can wait to sink my hands into all that beautiful fiber!

Now that I have that little tidbit out of the way I figured I would update on the progress of my weekend projects. I actually ended up squeezing another one in last minute last night since I was so filled with energy and couldn’t keep my hands still 🙂 Check it out and let me know what you think (better pictures will be coming soon, but it’s gloomy outside and I had to use my phone for the picture :/) Isn’t that just cute! Normally I don’t talk up my own creations but I have to admit to being very pleased with this one!

I have also decided to do a link up with another great blog here http://handmadeharbour.blogspot.co.uk/p/handmade-monday.html  and see if I can’t get some more people to the site. It was a blast going through and seeing what all those creative people have been up to out there lately 🙂 Go click some links and see what you find to inspire you!


Halloween Skull and Crossbones Stash Buster

So I had a couple of ideas in the works for some halloween fun this weekend. I completed two projects, I do have to say that neither one turned out exactly how envisioned but I still think they are cute in their own way. I consider the two completed ones experimental and hopefully will only make them better from here on out with what I learned. I am one of those people that hates taking apart my work, so I usually just freeform it til I can accept the finished project 🙂

Here is the Skull and Crossbones (flag, it’s more like a tablerunner right now, hence the experimental) that I had mentioned a couple of days ago. I think it is still cute and funky and it makes a wonderful scrap yarn buster. Each row takes up about 4 yards of yarn, so this project is a great one for using up those pesky little balls of yarn that always seem to be floating around. Hehe, I know, it is that sort of project that one person will look at it and think “Omg for hideous!” and then another will look at it and think “That’s pretty awesome” To each his own you know?!? I like it even though it turned out half as tall as I was looking for. This is also my first tapestry pattern I designed and only my third or fourth tapestry project. Well enough about that project.

I also created a Pumpkin Plushie or toy as you may call it. I did not think out my colors very well, but it is cute in a weird way. I will post pictures tomorrow of that one. I think I will offer it as a free pattern. With the right colors it will be adorable and so super easy to make 🙂

Well now that I have filled you in on my “gone wrong” projects this weekend, I think I am going to head back to the drawing board and see what else I can create. I only have a couple more days of completely free time before starting my job at the yarn mill on Wednesday so I am thinking I had best make the most of it!

Fall and Halloween

Well Fall is officially here (or close enough anyways) and I have started thinking about things that I can create to fit the season. I took a lovely hike last weekend to our beautiful Castlewood Canyon State Park and spent more time crouching down and contorting myself to take pictures of leaves and flowers than I did actually hiking 🙂 I am a ameteur photography buff and just love taking pictures of anything and everything that interests me. Part of my agenda that day was to photograph some leaves and flowers along with tree bark to try and create some patterns utilizing natures beauty. I have been wracking my brain trying to figure out how to translate this picture into a pattern that does it justice….needless to say I have not had much success so far but I will keep trying as I think this would be absolutely stunning!

I am also thinking about some Halloween fun items (yes I know I should have started this a couple of months ago) such as a super cute design I thought up last night as insomnia was attacking me. A multi-colored background with a skull and crossbones (cute, not scary) design in the middle, think flag or hanging pendant. I am thinking it will have to be created via a Tapesty/cross-stitch pattern versus the normal crochet patterns. I am going to play with it today and see how it goes, I need to do some research on the tapestry designs as I have not utilized them as yet for a pattern, but I am thinking it couldn’t be much different than cross-stitch and I have had a lot of experience with those 🙂 I have already drawn up the graph for the project, just need to make up my ever changing mind on which approach to attack with! Wish me luck.

I look forward to this weekend, I have been promised a semi-productive yarn run to the nearest town to Hobby Lobby and Micheals to pick up some of the oranges (my most hated color to be perfectly honest) greens and browns that I am going to need for other ideas that are swimming around in my overactive head at the moment. So be looking forward to some fall inspired designs and of course halloween fun things in the next week. (Pumpkins, toys, bags and just plain fun stuff)

We all have a color that we just don’t utilize in our own creations on a regular basis and mine happens to be oranges and yellows, I simply do not care for them in everyday use but for some projects they are just simply needed 🙂 If you have a suggestion of where to find some good coupons for craft supplies I would greatly appreciate it, every little bit helps when it comes to stretching a budget.


Free Open Shell Cowl Pattern

As promised I have completed the Open Shell Cowl Pattern and put it up on Ravelry for a free download. Sorry I won’t be offering it on here, I just feel that it is easier to offer a free download than to try and copy it off of a site and retain all the details 🙂

I hope that you all enjoy the pattern and please leave me comments on what you though of it and if you share it please link it back to me so I get the credit for it. Much appreciated 🙂

I will also be putting the pattern up on Craftsy and possibly Etsy shortly and will update this post with those links as well, so you will have a variety of sites to choose from.

Ravelry download link : http://www.ravelry.com/dls/jennifer-k-locke-designs/118188?filename=Open_Shells_Cowl_with_Tassles

Craftsy download link : http://www.craftsy.com/pattern/crocheting/accessory/open-shell-cowl-with-tassels/30841

Carry along bag is now complete

Hello everyone, I had said in a previous post that I had been productive during my illness recently and here is the proof 🙂 Featured below is the Carry Along Project bag that I completed for myself, my current hobo bag I was using just wasn’t getting the job done, I needed more room! So here is my design and creation to suit my need. I created this huge bag (it measures over a 12″ tall by 13″ wide by 3.5″ depth) using 2 full skeins of Red Heart Standard Yarn in Cherry Chip, that includes all accents on the bag as well, I even have enough left over to make another flower if I wanted. I have not decided whether to offer this as a free pattern or a paid pattern yet. Leave me comments to let me know what you think.

I also completed another project over the last couple of days, this one I am calling my Open Shell Cowl with Tassles. Of course the tassles are optional as they are added as the final step but sometimes I like to dress up my creations with a little bit of whimsy 🙂 The cowl took less than one full skein of Lion Brand’s Homespun Yarn to complete with almost 2 full ounces left after completion (a one skein wonder with leftovers) This will be my free pattern that I will be debuting tomorrow. As I have stated before I appreciate all comments and ideas, please feel free to leave me a note about what you think. Have a wonderful night all and see you in the a.m. with a new pattern!


Another day in Nyquil

Hi all, I just wanted to pop in and say that I am here still, just very sick. I think I caught the flu or some such thing. Needless to say my energy and communication levels are very low at the moment. While I have been laid up the last couple days I have gotten a few projects done and will be posting my first Free Pattern either tonight or tomorrow. I love the design and it is super easy to work up and takes less than a skein of yarn. Yay for one skein wonders! I am also working on a new yarn tote for myself to help me carry around my projects 🙂 My current little hobo bag that I use just isn’t getting the job done anymore.

Hope everyone is well and in good spirits. Look for the free pattern soon (within 24 hours) and hopefully you all enjoy and share it with friends and fellow hookers 🙂

Drowning in my stash

As I sit down at my computer this morning I am looking around at all of my started but not finished projects, my patterns that are scattered over every surface, my tiny balls of yarn that are leftovers and forgottens, and of course all of my brand spanking new skeins of yarn that are just begging to be brought out and used. I have several different places that I have stored all these lovely little tidbits, but so far I have not been able to find a manageable way to store them all where I can see them (I tend to forget I have a certain something if I can’t see it all the time) and to also make it to where my office (spare bedroom) does not look like someone set off a grenade within it. Not that I mind all the lovely colors popping out everywhere, I just need to organize this pile so I can figure out just exactly what I have and what project I want to start on next.

I tend to lean towards projects that call for one skein or less, lets be honest, I’m cheap and I have a very limited budget within to work all this magic! I love finding discounted and on sale yarns locally and usually there is only one or two skeins of each color, that or my pocketbook can only handle a hit of $10 or less therefore I am limited, but this also makes for some fantastic little pops of color on my wall (one of my storage areas are a couple of wonderful wooden cubbyhole shelves) but as I said earlier they are all just begging to be used! It always takes me a day or two after completing a project to make up my mind what I want to start on next 🙂

I am thinking that today though I may just have to bust out some of my organizing bins (see through of course) and organize this lovely mess to see just what I have available to work with, and then I am going to scour the internet for some inspiration on what my heart desires to create. I have been contemplating starting to make a different motif everyday, be it a granny square, african flower, spirals, you name it and hopefully by christmas have enough motifs to possibly put together a lovely blanket to send to my dear grandmother, sounds like a decent plan to me, plus this will help me to use up all my scrap/stash yarn that I have laying around everywhere, gotta love killing two birds with one stone.

And now dear friends I am off to play organizer, wish me luck!